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North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue serves the northern most section of Hudson County, New Jersey. The region borders Jersey City, Hoboken and Secaucus at its southern-most end and Bergen County at the northern border. The region lies due west and across the Hudson River from Manhattan Borough, New York City.

North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue is the third largest Fire Department in the State of New Jersey. North Hudson is responsible for the fire and emergency incident protection of over 195,000 residents. The Department also protects approximately 50,000 individuals who transit and work in the community.

The region served by North Hudson is the most densely populated area in the United States.  Population density averages over 36,000 people per square mile, with some areas of the region exceeding 56,000 people per square mile.

The Department provides fire and rescue protection to a geographic district of 10 square miles, including over 4 miles of shoreline along the Hudson River. There are over 74,000 housing units within the region, with a density exceeding 36,000 housing units per square mile.

The area protected includes lakes, rivers, streams, high rise buildings, bridges, the Lincoln Tunnel, Amtrak Tunnel, Light Rail, railroads, large industrial and commercial structures, shopping centers, retail stores, town homes, condominiums, schools, one and two family dwellings, apartment buildings of pre 1920ís construction, congested highways, hazardous materials in transit and storage.